Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's been a while!

I apologize to the very small amount of followers I have (all two of you!) for not having any updates. Work has been insane and I have a new puppy (so much work!) so I haven't had the time to post.

In other news, I was with my best friend last night and everything seemed really still, slow motion and creepy. We drove past a couple areas of woods and it seemed that everything was dead silent. She mentioned that she had been walking her dog around two in the morning the previous night and she got lost (big dogs need long walks) because it's a new area she has moved to. The street was a dead end and her dog who is a guarding breed, starting growling, raising his hair and in general freaking out about something. She saw something on the ground ahead and when she shined her flashlight on it she discovered it was six dead Mourning Doves. They hadn't been attacked, no signs of trauma, just simply dead. She was ultimately freaked out and left the area immediately. Today I woke up and there is a dead bird at the end of my driveway that wasn't there last night. A sign? Bird Flu? Disease? Old age? Or just really odd?

So we both felt very off last night while driving around at night, everything was odd and I guess the best word to use would be creepy. She sent me an article this morning to possibly explain why everything felt other worldy last night.

Any ideas? Electromagnetic waves? Or just imagination?