Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's been a while!

I apologize to the very small amount of followers I have (all two of you!) for not having any updates. Work has been insane and I have a new puppy (so much work!) so I haven't had the time to post.

In other news, I was with my best friend last night and everything seemed really still, slow motion and creepy. We drove past a couple areas of woods and it seemed that everything was dead silent. She mentioned that she had been walking her dog around two in the morning the previous night and she got lost (big dogs need long walks) because it's a new area she has moved to. The street was a dead end and her dog who is a guarding breed, starting growling, raising his hair and in general freaking out about something. She saw something on the ground ahead and when she shined her flashlight on it she discovered it was six dead Mourning Doves. They hadn't been attacked, no signs of trauma, just simply dead. She was ultimately freaked out and left the area immediately. Today I woke up and there is a dead bird at the end of my driveway that wasn't there last night. A sign? Bird Flu? Disease? Old age? Or just really odd?

So we both felt very off last night while driving around at night, everything was odd and I guess the best word to use would be creepy. She sent me an article this morning to possibly explain why everything felt other worldy last night.

Any ideas? Electromagnetic waves? Or just imagination?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pilgrim Psych Center

Ok ok so yeah, this this blog isn't technically about Westchester, NY but I've been spending some time out in LI lately and when I first went there I thought, it's an island, how scary can it be? Hahaha well there's plenty of disturbing history there!

I was recently introduced to the Pilgrim Psych Center, an institution that for the most part is out of use and abandoned and it's beyond scary! Besides security apparently checking the area often, I'm not quite sure if you could pay me enough to get out of my car. I've now been there twice and at night just driving around (there's roads that go right around it and through it that other cars take) but because the building isn't super close to the road my pictures didn't exactly come out even when enhanced. Maybe during the day I will walk around the property but like I said, NO way at night. My friend saw quite a few things! Luckily I focused on the road and didn't stare too hard into the pitch black buildings.

Also on LI I'm not quite sure which town we were passing through from getting coffee, we found this road that seemed truly creepy, I'm pretty sure something there was calling to us so of course I made a U turn and head down. On one side was a golf course but with the snow covering it and the trees casting eerie shadows by moonlight and the other side was just woods with a sprinkling of houses. My friend heard a groan in the woods and we heard what sounded like something walking along side the car. Neither of us cared to get out but I did the routine of rolling down the window and taking pictures from the safety of my car. It was a dead end (IS ALL OF LI DEAD ENDS? IT'S SO ANNOYING!) and on our way back from the dead end heading towards civilization I had paused to take a picture when I noticed something in the woods, a decent height perfect black shadow in the shape of a person went from crouching to standing and I'm assuming staring at the car. I was quite shocked and decided to try and take a picture. Then after the flash ended it RAN at my car. I rolled up the windows and started driving quickly enough to get out of there but you could see it running behind the car. Completely freaked us out! In one of the pictures where you can see part of my car, I can't figure out what that is against my car. I want to say it's the dirt, grass or whatever on the road but at the same time my car doesn't just END abruptly, there's more to it. Possibly something there. In another picture if you can open it and make it a bit bigger there's a woman standing in the woods.

We also decided to check out the amnityville horror house. Not so impressed. We passed it quite a few times not realizing that it was the house until my friend looked on his phone (internet!!!) and realized that was it. No serious bad vibes, everything seemed normal the only thing wrong was that the police in the area had to be really bored because we saw cops pull over a lot of people!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The infamous Buckout Road

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't written in a while but every time I went walking in the woods I would forget my camera. Or there would be days where I would wake up and say "YES! I'm going to go today!" but it would end up raining.

C'est la vie haha.

Anyway, my best friend (let's call her "K") and I decided to go to the infamous Buckout Road! Anyone who lives in Westchester that knows about the paranormal knows about the existence of this road. Hmm, I guess I should explain some of the history? There are so many myths about what happens there, Albert Fish (serial killer that enjoyed eating children) used to live there, witches being burnt at the stake, a woman in white, ghostly entities, albino cannibals, etc. There's a cemetery that one day I would like to explore as well but only during the day.

Here's a wonderful site somebody actually devoted to the road:

So K and I went at night however we didn't get out of the car. Besides the entire place being incredibly creepy, we also didn't feel the need as two young ladies to wander through the woods while dark. Plus, there's no place to park! As we drove through it slowly with our windows down, I stopped the car occasionally to take a picture as well as K. On the road ahead in the distance we noticed a tall black shadow run across the street, I saw movements in my side view mirrors and more shadows walk behind my car. Also when you enter this area (starts off as Hall Street and turns into Buckout Road) even if there was no wind and it's a beautiful day, it's always windy and always seems much darker once you're on the road. I once stupidly enough drove through when there was a hint of a storm coming, lightning in the distance, slow rumbling thunder. As soon as I got to the beginning of the road, the lighting seemed right over head, the thunder was deafening and the wind was horrendous!

Ok, back to today! We reached the end rather quickly so we turned around to drive through once more. At one point when I had stopped for K to take a few pictures, with both of our windows down and no music playing, we distinctively heard heavy footsteps walking along side my car and erratic breathing. Listening carefully the rest of the time, we heard what sounded like crying in the distance, weird snarls, high-pitched whines, clicking sounds, and what sounded like something squeaking slowly then faster as if someone on an old bike. Mind you, no one was around and as far as we could see in to the woods there weren't any animals either.

On the pictures we caught quite a few orbs and in a few pictures it's interesting to notice that there seems to be dark shadow like images where the flash had hit everything except in a few areas. In one picture in particular where you can see part of the black pavement of the road, if you look on the left hand side you can make out a tall shadow standing on the road. If you enhance the picture even more you can see it so I will post both the original and the enhanced version.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to the world of the wacked!

Hello every one and any thing who happens to be unlucky enough to stumble upon this blog!

I've decided to start blogging because, well, there just is too much time on my hands right now and I figured I could try and put some of my interests to use in the location where I live. Now what on earth would my interests be? Many, many things however a huge interest of mine and a few of my close friends is cryptozoology, parapsychology and the beloved cute creatures of the paranormal! Hahaha well maybe they aren't beloved or cute...
This isn't going to be your typical ghost hunting blog because quite frankly I'm not that obsessed with ghosts that do the routine hauntings in the same buildings and cemeteries over and over again. This doesn't mean I won't go to a cemetery. Hell, I rather enjoy the peacefulness of cemeteries. I mean, I'm a goth! How can I not? Anyway, moving on... the main focus of this blog will be the wacky woods of Westchester, New York. Off the top of my head in my immediate area I know of three places in particular with some very interesting stories surrounding them. One place in particular has the long stereotypical history of dark magic rituals and satanic cults worshipping there. However, it does have a few stories such as a tall green creature that slips a little too quickly between the trees at night, a meadow that can only be found by mistake and a person in a red cloak (yeah yeah yeah like little red riding hood) that vanishes as quickly as they had appeared.

So how will I accomplish hunting and what do I expect? I expect absolutely nothing. I mean come on, I'm going out there to try and photograph, film and discover what nightmares are made of, monsters, fairies, entities, etc. Do these things exist? Maybe they do, maybe they don't. There seems to be quite a number of believers out there! I mean if you want to say they absolutely do not exist I will say "why not?" Like I said though, I'm not going out there knowing I will find some thing, I'm just going for fun! I won't go in the woods at night though (I'm legally an adult and don't need to be caught by cops trespassing at night and land my albino butt in jail) so I don't need that suggested.