Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to the world of the wacked!

Hello every one and any thing who happens to be unlucky enough to stumble upon this blog!

I've decided to start blogging because, well, there just is too much time on my hands right now and I figured I could try and put some of my interests to use in the location where I live. Now what on earth would my interests be? Many, many things however a huge interest of mine and a few of my close friends is cryptozoology, parapsychology and the beloved cute creatures of the paranormal! Hahaha well maybe they aren't beloved or cute...
This isn't going to be your typical ghost hunting blog because quite frankly I'm not that obsessed with ghosts that do the routine hauntings in the same buildings and cemeteries over and over again. This doesn't mean I won't go to a cemetery. Hell, I rather enjoy the peacefulness of cemeteries. I mean, I'm a goth! How can I not? Anyway, moving on... the main focus of this blog will be the wacky woods of Westchester, New York. Off the top of my head in my immediate area I know of three places in particular with some very interesting stories surrounding them. One place in particular has the long stereotypical history of dark magic rituals and satanic cults worshipping there. However, it does have a few stories such as a tall green creature that slips a little too quickly between the trees at night, a meadow that can only be found by mistake and a person in a red cloak (yeah yeah yeah like little red riding hood) that vanishes as quickly as they had appeared.

So how will I accomplish hunting and what do I expect? I expect absolutely nothing. I mean come on, I'm going out there to try and photograph, film and discover what nightmares are made of, monsters, fairies, entities, etc. Do these things exist? Maybe they do, maybe they don't. There seems to be quite a number of believers out there! I mean if you want to say they absolutely do not exist I will say "why not?" Like I said though, I'm not going out there knowing I will find some thing, I'm just going for fun! I won't go in the woods at night though (I'm legally an adult and don't need to be caught by cops trespassing at night and land my albino butt in jail) so I don't need that suggested.